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    Nail prices: No-Chip (Manicures $30 and for Pedicures $40), Full Sets (Gel) $30 and (Acrylic) $20, Regular Manicures and pedicures only $30! That’s not it we have this new things for fake nails or real nails, its called Dip-it! This new things didn’t need liquid, it has layers of this special polish to use for them to stick! It’s the new thing, if you have short or long nails, or your nails break fast because of thin nails this can help hold the nails. And it really natural. And Dip- it can do Pink&White ($35), White Frech ($35), American Frech ($35), and Natural/Clear ($30). Silkwrap ($35). Pink&White Gel ($35). Refill Pink is $20, Refill Pink&White is $30. Polish Change is $7-$10.

    Waxing & Threading prices: EyeBrows $10 (waxing or threading) Lips $6 (waxing or threading). But if you do both we will charge not only $16 but $14! Full Face is $30, Chest is $25, Shoulders is $20, Half Arm is $20, Full Arm is $30, Under Arm is $15, Back is $30, Lower Legs is $20 & up, Full Legs is $40, lastly Bikin Line is $25.
    Foot and hand massages: We do not do whole body Massages but we do legs or hands by hand or if you like get on one of our amazing Pedicure chairs. So if you do $20 mins that will your prices (legs, hands, or the pedicure chairs). And we have this massage oil which smells like lemon or cream but something you have never taste before and you would want to fall asleep.
    Ok for someone you love or it’s someones b-day, you would like to get them something right, well get them here, we sell Gift Ticket! How much you want and that how much you will get.
    If you guys have any questions call us at 7732272299 or if you like come in and ask!


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    Asia Nails Bucktown is your place to pamper your nails for less money!
    Join our Exclusive VIP Club now!
    By texting “Nails” to the number 21777.
    Receive weekly discounts and promotions only available to our Mobile VIP’s

    About us

    We are a full nail service salon that specializes in the best service at the best price you will find in the area.
    no-chip manicures full sets (gel or acrylic), regular manicures, regular pedicures (best foot massage ever!), nail designs (including custom work that you request). Our no-chip color selection is one of the largest in Chicago. Our loyal customers say that our no-chips last forever and are the best they have had. We also can do manicures and pedicures simultaneously, if you are in a hurry! We excel at customer service and making sure you are happy because we know you will return to us again and again.



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